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Pouring Paint

Pouring Paint

The insolubility and fluidity of pouring paints are utilized to produce modern abstract paintings. All kinds of uncontrollable factors create unique fluid surfaces.

Pouring painting does not need any skills. Personal aesthetic ability, the quality of pigments and the collocation of colors become the key factors for the ever-changing masterworks.

The colors are flowing on the canvas, they’re fantastic and amazing. Its charm lies in its undetectable and unreplicable nature. Each work is unique. Doesn’t that sound cool and romantic?

Different pouring acrylic colors are poured onto the canvas, flowing freely to form art.  Random effects and flowing textures can be adjusted by canvas shaking. You never know how it’s going to look until the last minute.

Fluid painting is so simple that you don’t need any tools, just a piece of paper and paint, you can draw a good picture.  Sometimes, any object can be used as a tool, painting complex to any extent, as long as it is able to express their emotions, can be used as a painting material.

The simplicity of fluid painting is the soliloquy from the deepest part of our heart, expressed in the form of art and nothing more.

Master works of pouring paints

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