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paint palettes

Today we are going to introduce some different shapes of paint palettes.

Rectangular palette:

This is the most common shape of paint palette, with a rectangular shape and a thumb hole in the center for easy holding.

Oval palette:

An oval-shaped paint palette is similar to a rectangular palette, but with a curved shape that can be more comfortable to hold for some artists.

Round palette:

A round-shaped paint palette is ideal for artists who like to work in circular motions, and it can be particularly useful when working with watercolors.

Kidney-shaped palette:

This type of paint palette is designed to fit comfortably in the artist’s lap or on a table, and it has a curved shape that resembles a kidney.

Foldable palette:

A foldable paint palette is a compact option that can be easily transported, with small compartments that can be unfolded to create a larger mixing area.

Winged palette:

This unique paint palette has wing-like extensions on either side that can be used to hold paint tubes, brushes, or other tools.


These are just a few examples of the many different shapes and styles of paint palettes available. The choice of palette shape depends on personal preference and the type of artwork being created.

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