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DIY Cement Planters

DIY Cement Planters

Whether it’s in your office or on your patio, keeping some green close by can be very reviving. With this simple to-follow instructional exercise on the most proficient method to make DIY concrete, you’ll probably have your own cement pot around the house.

Materials Needed For A DIY Cement Planter

1.  Cement

Cement is viewed as the basic and important material for making any sort of concrete holders.

2. Water

While making cement grower, you’ll require water to blend in with the cement, room temperature regular water is great.

3. Mixing Container

Next supply you’ll have to mix the cement with water. Any expendable plastic compartment or can will regularly do.

4. Pot Mould

A shaped mould for pot makes it easier for your to do the cement planters.

5. Sandpaper

When the cement has dried inside your mould and you’ve taken out, you will require sandpaper to smooth the edges.

Step by step For A DIY Cement Planter

  1. Blend cement and water
  2. Pour the concrete blend partially through the mould channel
  3. Let the cement planters dry overnight
  4. Sand your planter and make it smooth
  5. Decorate the plant pot with acrylic painting and brushes
  6. Fill your DIY cement planters with your plants and succulents

Finally, you will have one unique planter!

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