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Art Easels-Describes the different shapes

There are several different shapes of art easels.and each shape has its own unique features and benefits.

H-frame easel:

This type of easel has a horizontal crossbar in the shape of an “H”.It provides excellent stability and support for larger canvases.One of the advantages is that it allows artists to work comfortably in both a seated or standing position. It also provides ample space for art supplies and a convenient shelf for resting the artist’s palette. They are also popular among art schools and studios as they are durable and can withstand frequent use.

A-frame easel:

The A-frame easel gets its name from its triangular shape, it resembles the letter “A”. A-frame easels are popular among artists,because they provide a stable and adjustable surface to work on, this allows the artist to work comfortably for long periods of time. Additionally, many A-frame easels are lightweight and foldable so that it is easy to transport and store.


Giant easel:

As the name suggests, when artists work on very large canvases,they can use this gaint easel. These easels are often built with heavy-duty materials to support the weight of the canvas, and they have an adjustable height to accommodate canvases of different sizes.





Overall,  different art easels can meet different artists’ needs, as well as the size of the canvases they work with.And there are more art easels, but let’s save that for next time.

Below are some of our popular art easel products, of course, we support customization, feel free to contact  us.


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