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Acrylic Paint

Acrylic Paint

Acrylic paint is a kind of painting pigment, which is generally blended with water, or can be blended with acrylic blending liquid. There are both advantages of oil paint and gouache watercolor strengths, not only can use the water watercolor techniques, but also can use a palette knife portrayal and shape, because of its unique characteristics, more and more appear in people’s life, then let’s find out.

Features of acrylic paint

1. Quick dry

Acrylic paints dry in minutes after the pen is dropped, unlike oil paintings that take months to finish. Painters who like slow-drying characteristic pigments can use retarders to delay the drying time of the pigments;

2. The color is full, thick and fresh

Compared with gouache, no matter how it is blended, there will be no “dirty” or “grey” feeling. The coloring layer will never absorb oil and stain;

3. Long lasting works

The oil film in the oil painting is easy to oxidize after a long time, and the yellowing and hardening can easily cause the picture to crack. In theory, acrylic film will never become brittle and will never turn yellow;

4. Texture can be made

The biggest difference between acrylic paint and oil painting is that it has the operational characteristics of general water-based paint. It can be used for both watercolor and gouache. There are particles in the acrylic ointment, and there are coarse particles and fine particles. points, which provides convenience for making texture.

Acrylic painting skills

1. Acrylic paint toning

Acrylic paints can be toned with water, and acrylic blending solution can be used professionally. Water is the best medium for diluting paint in acrylic, unlike oil painting, which must be blended with oil. The amount of water determines the thinness of the paint. The effect of multi-colored light painting is like watercolor, and the effect of water-less color repainting is like oil painting.

2. Repeated stacking

The acrylic paint is relatively heavy. After the first coat of color, you can apply the second and third times repeatedly, and it will not be mixed with the color of the first coat. You can repeatedly superimpose the light color on the dark color. If It can grasp the characteristics of the ratio between water and acrylic, and there will be a feeling of superimposing another color like watercolor.

3. Unrestricted use of color

The transparency of acrylic is the same as other paints, but there are differences. You need to grasp the characteristics of the paint. When you need to paint thinly, use a pointed watercolor brush. After applying the color, it must be washed in time. The adhesion of acrylic is very strong, and it is easy to dry if it is not washed for a long time.


Tools for acrylic painting

1. No-spill paint cup

If you feel that the pen holder is not often used, you can use a cup and other small objects that can hold water.

2. A set of brushes

A set of brushes suitable for you, the brushes are comfortable and comfortable to use. You can go to the art store to experience it yourself.


It is enough for beginners to prepare a small palette, and if necessary later, you can prepare a professional palette.

4. Acrylic paint

Beginners can buy small boxes of acrylic paints, and it is recommended to buy 24 colors. Of course, if you think you are enough, you can buy 12 or 18 colors.

5. Drawing pencil and eraser

This is a must. Before painting acrylic and coloring, make a draft yourself.

6. Canvas, easel, apron

It is recommended for beginners to buy a stretched canvas, which is more convenient when painting, and the apron is to prevent the acrylic paint from sticking to the clothes.

How to draw acrylic painting for beginners

For beginners to draw acrylic paintings, you can choose a simple painting to copy first, such as animals, flowers and other simple patterns, the better. From simple to complex, this is the law of learning anything.

1. First choose the picture you want to draw, make a good draft, pay attention to the structure and proportion of the whole picture, you can imagine the picture you want in your mind. Zero-based friends can learn some painting skills on their own.


2. After making the draft, choose the corresponding color for coloring. Since the acrylic paint is quick-drying, you need to pay more attention, and you may need to add a little water for coloring. If you need a large area of dark background color, then it will be easier to apply the dark color first and then the light color.

3. For beginners, acrylic paint dries very fast, which may cause some inconvenience when painting, so a slow drying agent can be used appropriately. There are also brushes that should be cleaned in time, otherwise the brushes will become hard and not so easy to use after cleaning.

  1. If there is no problem with the composition, the color that is more difficult for beginners to master in acrylic painting is the color. Everyone starts from copying, according to other people’s colors, and slowly finds the feeling. Everyone’s ideas about painting are different, and their control over color is also different. There are no dead rules for color matching in color painting, as long as you think it looks good.

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